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Founded in 2009, Dongguan Shenhua Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd (SME) is a leading cleaning equipment manufacturer for in China. We have more than 30 experienced technical engineers and serve more than 1300 customers home and abroad (Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Singapore, South Africa, Brazil,Mexico,Japan,USA,Poland, Slovakia,France…).Now, We have:

1.PCBA Assembly cleaning machines:
        SMT stencil cleaning machine, Nozzle cleaning machine, , Wave oven pallet cleaning machine, Reflow oven cooler cleaning machine, Squeegee cleaning machine, PCBA batch type cleaning machine, PCBA inline cleaning machine, PCBA water cleaning machine, DI water machine, Ionic contamination tester, Rinse waste water treatment machine.

2. Semicon packaging cleaning machines: FC BGA/SIP packaging cleaning machine, IGBT/IPM packaging cleaning machine; Leadframe packaging cleaning machine; BGA water cleaning machine; Mini LED cleaning machine.

3. Screen cleaning machines: Screen cleaning machine, PCB green ink screen cleaning machine,Screen developing machine, Screen stripping machine, Screen squeegee cleaning machine.

4. PCB surface cleaning machine: Roller cleaning machine, Brush cleaning machine, Compound cleaning machine, Air blow cleaning machine.

5. Other cleaning machines: Plastic tray dusts cleaning machine, Magazine cleaning machine, 3D glasses cleaning machine.

To be the world class cleaning machines supplier on electronic fields. High quality cleaning machines, best cleaning process and better service; Choose us and build long term cooperation business relationship, you will never regret!

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    Equipment exports more than 20 countries
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    Over 1300 users
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Dongguan: 0769-85649925
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