Founded in 2009, Dongguan Shenhua Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd (SME) is a leading cleaning equipment manufacturer for in China. We have more than 30 experienced technical engineers and serve more than 1000 customers home and abroad (Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Singapore, South Africa, Brazil,Mexico,Japan,USA,Poland, Slovakia,France…).Now, We have:
1.PCBA Assembly cleaning machines:
SMT stencil cleaning machine, Nozzle cleaning machine, , Wave oven pallet cleaning machine, Reflow oven cooler cleaning machine, Squeegee……
  • 12

    12 years of spray washing experiences

  • 20

    more than 20 spray washing engineers team

  • 1000

    Over 1000 users

SHENHUA CLEAN EQUIPMENTS LISTS All the electric process cleaning equipment are here
Four advantages of our cleaning machines Focus on every process in details, more better of your cleaning requirements.

    ○ Cleaning Know-how: Established in 2009, over 10 years of cleaning technology and experience
    ○ RD Ability: Wellknown cleaning process and technology center
    ○ Technical team: More than 20 engineering and production engineers
    ○ Stable supply chains: Many years cooperation,upstream and downstream core supply chain system
    Strength advantage

    ○ Object-oriented-- make cleaning process and technology as RD objection
    ○ Stability-- adopt world famous electric and mechanical parts
    ○ Module--module design on all the machine
    ○ Quality: all aspects quality check from design, produce, test and output
    Product advantages
  • Many customers

    ○ At present, it serves more than 1000 customers
    ○ Through many agents, we have established perfect sales channels in the United States, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Poland and other markets
    ○ The equipment is exported to more than 20 countries
    The choice of many customers

    ○ Follow up the customer's production progress in the whole process, let the customer know the production progress
    ○ Regular telephone follow-up service, visit nearby, let you worry free
    ○ After sales team 7 * 24 hours online Q & A, quick response within 60 minutes
    Service advantages
application field More than 800 enterprises rely on the choice, tailor-made packaging scheme
Standardized service flow
From understanding products to delivery commitment to technical
supporl Tracking the whole process to provide you with a full process
service support systemt
Online pre sales
Strictly control
Shenhua news Focus on Shenhua and keep abreast of the trends of cleaning machine industry

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Phone number:
Dongguan: 0769-85649925
Suzhou: 0512-67662816
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