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Used for cleaning solder paste, red glue screen, etc
High precision filtration system is adopted
Liquid and pump pressure can be displayed by panel pressure gauge
Cleaning counting function, which can automatically accumulate the number of cleaning screens
The cleaning pressure can be adjusted independently, which is suitable for screen board of any material
Unique exhaust device design, lower liquid consumption
The whole stainless steel body is durable, acid and alkaline resistant
Technical parameters:
Applicable mesh size: 750mm (L) × 750mm(W) × 40mm (H) special size to be customized
Cleaning fluid capacity: 50L (maximum)
Best liquid usage: 35L
Cleaning method: 360 ° Rotary cleaning fluid injection and high pressure air injection (cleaning → drying)
Cleaning time: 2-5 minutes
Drying time: 2-5 minutes
External gas source: 0.45MPa ~ 0.7MPa
Gas consumption: 400-600l / min
Circulation filtration mode: secondary filtration
Stage 1 filter: 10 μ M (filter particles, paper scraps)
Stage 2 filter: 1 μ M (filtration: ink, glue, silver paste)
Exhaust port size: Φ 124(W) × 50mm(H)
Net weight of machine: 300kg
Machine size: 1000mm (L) × 750mm(W) × 1750mm(H)
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