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  • 2009

    On June 2009, Dongguan Shenhua Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd set up.
      On July 2009, Cooperate with Japan Unitech to sell PCB cleaner.
      On Auguest 2009, Hongkong Shenhua Eletromechanic Company set up.
      On Septemble, start to produce SMT stencil cleaning machines, Pallet cleaning machines, Nozzle cleaning machines.
  • 2011

    On March 2011, Suzhou Shenhua office set up
  • 2012

    On November 2012, start to design and produce PCBA batch cleaning machines.
      On Feburary 2012, start to produce PCBA inline cleaning machines.
  • 2014

    On January 2014, start to produce PCBA water cleaning machines.
  • 2015

    On June 2015, Start to produce in line pallet cleaning machine and customized ultrasonic cleaning machine.
  • 2017

    On Auguest 2017, move to new production factory.
  • 2018

    On Febuary 2018, SEMICON R&D team set up, start to produce and sale IGBT,IPM, FC and SIP packaging cleaning machines. BGA deflux machines.
  • 2019

    On April 2019, start to produce Mini LED deflux machine, Mini LED dusts cleaning machine;
      On September 2019, company set up 10 years celebration.
      On October 2019, Produce 3D glasses cleaning machine on customer’s requirements.
  • 2021

    On April, 2021, Innovative and high technology company certification.
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