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technological process
Enter the plate → acid cleaning → pump washing → municipal water washing → four brush belt swing → high pressure pump washing (20kg/cm2) → pump washing → municipal water washing → suction drying → blow dry → drying → plate out.
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PCB equipment includes deburring machine, double-sided alkaline etching machine, metal chemical cleaning machine, etching production line
Deburring machine is mainly used for PCB to remove burr, surface oxide layer and special equipment for cleaning the surface of the board. 30kg/cm2 high pressure cleaning pump can completely remove burr and surface dirt,
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1. PCB pre system equipment
-PCB electronic film developer, fixator - automatic film machine
-Machine nozzles for development, electroplating, etching, film removal, etc
2. PCB machining equipment
-Vacuum laminating press vacuum press PCB substrate grinding grinder PCB molding machine PCB inner layer fusion machine full automatic alignment fusion machine PCB press
3. electroplating / wet process equipment
-Development etching film removal chemical nickel gold production line PCB flow production line
4. screen printing / dry process equipment
-Provide various UV curing machines - precision hot air oven, oven - human-machine interface UV curing machine cm-650 plate cleaning machine
-Fzj-60j/fzj-80j/fzj-90j vertical flat screen printing machine
5. PCB test / quality control equipment
-Cmi900x fluorescent coating thickness tester cmi563 surface copper thickness tester
-Honk precision (air exchange) high temperature testing machine - hollink large constant temperature and humidity test room
-Automatic adding controller of wallchem chemical nickel deposition
-Compact eco PCB X-ray fluorescence coating thickness gauge test fixture test stand
-Swift-2100e weldability tester - special testing machine for high voltage of gold point
6. pcb/smt welding and installation equipment
Lead-free stainless steel semi-automatic tin slag reduction machine - fully automatic spray secondary wave soldering and wave soldering to lead free business
7. other electronic equipment
-PCB ink mixing equipment - bidirectional rotary ink mixer - circuit board drilling wood pad and aluminum sheet PCB ink mixer tin slag reduction machine
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