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The types of cleaning machines include: trichloride machine, gas camera, hydraulic cleaning machine, cold water high-pressure cleaning machine, hot water high-pressure cleaning machine, electric drive cleaning machine, gasoline drive cleaning machine, electric heating high-pressure cleaning machine, diesel heating high-pressure cleaning machine, ultra-high pressure mobile cleaning machine, industrial stainless steel high-pressure cleaning machine, explosion-proof high-pressure cleaning machine, hydraulic cleaning machine and ultrasonic cleaning machine.
1. Hydraulic cleaning machine:
It is used to wash and filter the pollutants generated or intruded during the manufacturing, assembly, use and maintenance of the hydraulic system; It can also be applied to the regular maintenance and filtration of the working oil, improve the cleanliness, avoid or reduce the failure caused by pollution, so as to ensure the high performance, high reliability and long life of the hydraulic system equipment. The cleaning effect of the hydraulic cleaning machine can reach nas1638:2.
2. High pressure cleaning machine;
High pressure cleaning machine is a kind of machine that uses power device (motor, gasoline engine, diesel engine) to make high pressure plunger pump produce high pressure water to wash the surface of objects. It can peel off the dirt, wash away, and achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface of the object. Because high pressure water column is used to clean dirt, high pressure cleaning is also recognized as one of the most scientific, economic and environmental protection cleaning methods in the world. It can be divided into cold water type, hot water type, gasoline engine type, explosion-proof type in special occasions, special type for food industry, etc.
3. Ultrasonic cleaning machine:
It is a kind of technology that uses ultrasonic cavitation and the principle of ultrasonic transducer vibration emission to thoroughly clean the dirt, oil dirt, sediment and other dirt attached to the articles. The cleaning effect is obvious and intuitive. It is a full ultrasonic cleaning integrating washing, cleaning and sterilization.
4. Spray cleaning machine:
It is a kind of industrial cleaning equipment that uses water pressure to wash the surface of objects. It peels off and washes away the dirt on the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface of the object. The machine has many working positions, complete functions, reasonable structure, convenient operation and good cleaning effect, which is of great significance for cleaning a large number of workpieces, improving the working environment and improving the quality of cleaning and drying. The cleaning machine is fully automatic controlled by relay, and other processes are completed automatically except manual loading and unloading.
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