4Industry information
1. Check whether there is air and water leakage in the pipeline system. If so, inform the maintenance personnel for repair. 2. Check whether the cleaning fluid is enough, if not, add the cleaning fluid in time. 3. Start the inching test run first, and then run it for 2-3 minutes at no load. Check whether the drive system (motor, coupling, reducer) and transport belt move smoothly. After confirming that everything is normal, the production can be started. 4. Turn on the floating oil removal device (except without floating oil removal device) to start floating oil removal. Therefore, when the water pump is still on, the water surface is calm, and the oil drainage effect is the best. When the floating oil is basically removed, stop oil removal, and use the lunch break to drain more oil.
Operation items:
1. The cleaned parts shall be put on the transport belt in order, and shall not be pressed on the roller
2. On the transport belt, the cleaned parts should not be piled too much, so as not to affect the cleaning effect.
3. After work, the cleaned parts cannot be parked on the conveyor belt. Press the stop button to stop the whole machine. The cleaning machine adopts different methods to clean the packaging containers, packaging materials, packaging AIDS, and packaging pieces, so as to achieve the expected cleaning degree of the machine.
4. Water and a certain proportion of metal cleaning agent should be added to the cleaning solution regularly to supplement consumption, so as to keep the liquid level at a certain height. If the cleaning effect does not meet the specified process requirements, all cleaning solutions should be replaced.
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