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Cleaning machine process features in the selection of cleaning machine process and equipment, it is necessary to consider the cleaning level of cleaning request. Different cleaning process and equipment should be selected for different cleaning levels. The higher the cleaning level, the higher the cleaning cost, and the consumption cost is increasing by geometric progression.
In the design of cleaning machine process and cleaning equipment, mainly from the following aspects of thinking:
1. Reliability:
The process and equipment of the cleaning machine required have stable cleaning quality and can reach the required cleaning level;
2. The influence of cleaning objects:
In the cleaning process, the damage caused by the cleaning object should be treated as small as possible, and the new secondary pollution caused by the cleaning object should not be treated;
3. Conducive to the maintenance of the natural environment:
The request for cleaning process and equipment can avoid or reduce the damage to the natural environment caused by cleaning waste liquid, noise, waste gas, etc
4. Efficiency:
The process and equipment of the cleaning machine have the characteristics of high efficiency and labor saving;
5. Good working environment:
Request that the cleaning process and equipment used can adhere to a good working environment to ensure the health and safety of workers;
6. Economy:
Request to use both can reach the cleaning level request, cost and low cleaning process and request. Food processing raw materials are often polluted by dust, sand and microorganism during their mature stage, transportation and storage. Therefore, it is necessary to clean them carefully before processing, and remove impurities and unqualified parts, so as to facilitate subsequent processing.
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