The development of electronic manufacturing industry needs:
1. Miniaturization of components: with the rapid development of electronic industry, components are becoming more and more miniaturized. 04020201 components are becoming more and more popular and widely used, and smaller components will soon appear. The miniaturization of components is bound to require the corresponding SMT nozzle to be miniaturized, which brings problems to the cleaning of the nozzle. If the large nozzle can also be cleaned by alcohol scrubbing and fine needle through-hole method, the small nozzle has only a few microns of aperture. When the blockage occurs, it has to be scrapped.
2. Smaller spacing: today's electronic devices are required to be smaller and more powerful, so the components on the circuit board are more and more dense, and the spacing is smaller and smaller. If there was a slight flatness error in the past, it would not affect too much, but now it may step on the neighbor's territory, resulting in an increase in the defective rate of products.
3. The effect of lead-free: due to the good activity of lead, if there is a slight deviation in the placement, it can be corrected after reflow soldering, but after lead-free, the activity of copper is greatly weakened, if there is deviation in the placement, there is no chance of correction. 4. To sum up, it is required that the mounting accuracy should be higher and higher. The design accuracy of the placement machine has been quite high, but due to the influence of various factors, its performance is greatly reduced, and the unclean suction nozzle is also an important factor.
economic performance:
1. Reduce the purchase cost of suction nozzle
The scrapping of suction nozzle is often caused by dirty or related accidents. After using this machine, the problem can be solved fundamentally. The price of the original suction nozzle is expensive, mostly more than 1000 yuan. In the long run, the economic benefit is considerable.
2. Reduce unnecessary labor
The traditional cleaning method needs a lot of manual treatment. After the use of tnw-12rf, no special person is needed, and all of them are handed over to the machine.
3. To reduce the defective rate of products, the unclean suction of the suction nozzle is not strong, which is easy to cause the sliding of components and the occurrence of throwing phenomenon, resulting in the improvement of the defective rate of products.
4. Improve SMT production efficiency
The correct cleaning makes the suction nozzle keep a new state to work, avoids the identification error, and greatly improves the production capacity.
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