4common problem
Traditional cleaning machine is to use manual, brush or cloth to get cleaning solution, through the mechanical force of hand and chemical characteristics of solution, remove the ink, silver paste, silica gel or Uvglue and other silk prints on the screen.
This backward cleaning method has seven disadvantages:
1. labor cost increase: Workers' wages are getting higher and higher, and additional expenses such as food, accommodation, insurance and management are also required.
2. poor cleaning effect: it cannot be standardized, and it is completely determined by the state of the cleaning person. Sometimes it is good and has time difference.
3. the consumption of cleaning solution is large: manual cleaning, and solution consumption is large; The solution is volatile and waste is serious.
4. health injury: chemical solution, long-term contact, occupational disease hazard.
5. difficult to find: the working environment is poor and the employees are not willing to engage in the work.
6. safety hazard: volatile chemical solution, fire and explosion.
7. environmental protection is not up to standard: volatile and toxic chemical solution can not pass environmental protection requirements.
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