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Screen cleaning ink and cleaning solution

How to clean the screen printing screen?
The traditional ink, glue, silver paste plate cleaning, are used manually hand cloth or brush to wash the cleaning solution, in the stencil surface cleaning back and forth. Artificially play the role of mechanical friction, the main role is to clean the chemical solution. The chemical decomposition of the solution is the most important factor to achieve cleanliness. Therefore, different inks, glue and silver paste, the corresponding chemical cleaning solution is not the same (such as material, concentration, compatibility, etc.), cleaning effect is also very different. "A thing down a thing", each ink, as long as the corresponding solution to find the cleaning solution, cleaning becomes a very simple thing.
In the machine automatically cleaning the screen process, the role of the solution is the most critical. At present there are many environmentally friendly cleaning solution, oily cleaning solution and water-based cleaning solution, according to their own ink, glue, silver paste its own characteristics of the test wash, comparison and identification, select the corresponding with the best fit Cleaning fluid, can play a multiplier effect. Shenhua Electromechanical, 076985649925.
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