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Introduction of Automatic Pneumatic Screen Cleaning Machine

The need for the development of electronics manufacturing industry:
1. Component miniaturization: the rapid development of the electronics industry makes components more and more miniaturization, 0402,0201 components more and more common and large use, smaller components will soon appear. The miniaturization of the components is bound to require the corresponding placement machine nozzle should be miniaturized, which gives the nozzle to bring the problem of cleaning, if the large nozzle can also be washed with alcohol, fine needle through the hole method , That now a small nozzle only a few microns of the aperture to do nothing. When the clogging occurred, had to scrapped.
2. Smaller spacing: Now the electronic equipment requires a smaller size, more powerful, so the circuit board components more and more intensive, the distance is getting smaller and smaller, if the past patch slightly flat will not affect too Big, but now it may be on the neighbor's site, resulting in improved product non-performing rate.
3. Lead-free effects: due to the good activity of lead, if the patch slightly deviated, after reflow soldering can also be corrected, but after lead-free, copper activity greatly weakened, if the patch deviation There is no chance of amendment. 4. In summary, the requirements of patch accuracy is getting higher and worse, it may be absurd. Mounter design accuracy has been quite high, but due to the impact of various factors, making its performance greatly reduced, which is not a clean nozzle is also an important factor.
Economic benefits:
1. Reduce the purchase cost of the nozzle
The mouth of the scrapped, often due to dirty, or the resulting accident occurred. Use this machine can fundamentally solve the problem. Original nozzle is expensive, mostly in the thousand or more, long-term calculation, the economic benefits are considerable.
2. Reduce unnecessary labor
Traditional cleaning methods require a lot of manual processing, the use of TNW-12RF, since no need to hand, all to the machine to complete.
3. Reduce the product rate of non-clean suction nozzle is not strong and easy to cause the components of the sliding and throwing phenomenon occurs, resulting in improved product non-performing rate.
4. Improve SMT production efficiency
The correct cleaning allows the nozzle to maintain a new state to work, to avoid the identification of errors, greatly improve production capacity.
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