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Cleaning machine common faults

Common malfunctions
Cleaning machine use process, it is inevitable failure. When a problem occurs, should be based on different symptoms, carefully look for reasons.
Spray guns do not spray water
1. The inlet and the water filter are clogged.
2. nozzle clogged.
3. Heat the coil to be clogged and remove the scale if necessary.
The water pressure is unstable
1. insufficient water supply.
2. The pipe is broken and the cleaner nozzle is not inserted into the cleaner. The medium causes air to breathe.
3. nozzle wear.
4. High-pressure water pump seal leak.
The burner does not burn
1. Insufficient air intake, white smoke.
2. Fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel nozzle dirty blocked.
4. The solenoid valve is damaged.
5. Ignition electrode position changes, the spark is too weak.
6. High voltage ignition coil is damaged.
7. Pressure switch damage.
High temperature and high pressure washing machine above the problem, the user can find their own reasons, troubleshooting. But the washing machine if the pump leakage, crankcase oil leakage and other serious failure, the washing machine should be sent to complete accessories, technical strength of the professional maintenance department repair, so as to avoid unnecessary economic losses.
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