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Development and classification of industrial cleaning industryDevelopment and classification of industrial cleaning industry

In the process of industrial production of labor involved in the cleaning are the scope of industrial cleaning. food industry. Textile industry. Paper industry. Printing industry. Oil processing industry. Transportation industry, power industry, metal processing industry, machinery industry. Automobile manufacturing, instrumentation, electronics industry, post and telecommunications, household appliances. Medical equipment. Optical products, military equipment, aerospace, atomic energy industry and so on a large number of applications to the cleaning technology.
Industrial cleaning can generally be classified in the following three ways:
In accordance with the requirements of different cleaning accuracy, mainly divided into general industrial cleaning, precision industrial cleaning and ultra-precision industrial cleaning three categories. General industrial cleaning, including vehicles, ships, aircraft surface cleaning, generally only remove the coarse dirt; precision industrial cleaning, including a variety of products in the production process of cleaning, cleaning of various materials and equipment surface, to be able to remove the small The ultra-precision cleaning, including precision industrial production process of mechanical parts, electronic components, optical components such as ultra-precision cleaning to remove very small dirt particles for the purpose.
According to the different cleaning methods, can also be divided into physical cleaning and chemical cleaning: the use of mechanical, acoustic, optical, electrical, thermal principles, relying on the role of external energy, such as mechanical friction, ultrasonic, negative pressure. ) Hit Ultraviolet, steam and other methods to remove dirt on the surface of the object called physical cleaning; rely on the role of chemical reactions, the use of chemicals or other solvents to remove the surface dirt dirt method called chemical cleaning. Such as with a variety of inorganic or organic acid to remove the surface of the rust, scale, with the oxidant to remove the surface of the stain, with fungicides. Disinfectants kill microorganisms and remove mildew and so on. Physical cleaning and chemical cleaning are the existence of their own advantages and disadvantages, but also has a very good complementarity. In the practical application process, usually the combination of the two used to get a better cleaning effect.
According to the different cleaning media, and can be divided into wet cleaning and dry cleaning: the general liquid cleaning in the liquid medium called wet cleaning, cleaning in the gas medium called dry cleaning. Most of the traditional cleaning methods for wet cleaning, and people are easier to understand the dry cleaning is the vacuum cleaner. But in recent years, dry cleaning has developed rapidly. Such as laser cleaning. UV cleaning, plasma cleaning, dry ice cleaning, vacuum cleaning, etc. Fine, sharp industrial technology has been rapid development. In particular, the introduction of hydrocarbon vacuum cleaning technology has been the formation of the current precision metal parts of the main cleaning trend, is the best alternative to ODS process line.
In recent years, new technologies have also been used in cleaning technology. As with the development of biotechnology. More and more enzymes and microorganisms are used in cleaning technology. This is the use of biochemical reactions; in the air purification and water treatment process, the use of activated carbon is also increasingly popular, which is the use of adsorption. In addition. There are electrolytic cleaning and so on. therefore. The cleaning is simply divided into several categories. Has been unable to fully cover the current rapid development of cleaning technology reality. The status of China's cleaning industry in China are building new factories and production lines everywhere. Is gradually becoming the "world processing plant." Huge market demand. For industrial cleaning equipment manufacturers and professional cleaning agent production providers to provide a rapid development opportunity.
Currently. All kinds of cleaning equipment manufacturing and operation of enterprises has reached more than 1,000, of which, ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers from the early 90s of the 20th century to the development of several more than 200; cleaning agent production and distribution enterprises have more than 1,000, thus Formed a huge industry. The first appearance of the concept of cleaning industry, in 1992 by the former State Environmental Protection Agency {now the State Environmental Protection Administration} organization Peking University and other units. And the State Council approved the "China ODS phase-out of the national program}. According to the division of labor of the State Council. Cleaning industry by the former Ministry of Electronics Industry (now the Ministry of Information Industry) is responsible. Beginning in 1992. Some engaged in cleaning equipment, cleaning agents, cleaning technology production and application of research institutions and individuals, began to prepare for the establishment of a national cleaning industry organizations. May 17, 1994, China Cleaning Engineering Technology Cooperation Association officially approved by the state, and registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
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