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Manual cleaning silk screen ink

The traditional way of the screen cleaning machine is to use artificial, with a brush or cleaning cloth dipped in cleaning fluid, through the hand of the mechanical force and the chemical properties of the solution, remove the remaining ink on the screen, silver, silicone or UV glue Material. This kind of backward cleaning method has the following seven kinds of shortcomings:
    1. Labor costs rise: workers pay higher and higher, but also need to provide food, accommodation, insurance, management and other additional costs.
    2. Poor cleaning effect: can not be standardized, completely determined by the cleaning state, sometimes good, sometimes poor.
    3. Cleaning solution consumption: manual cleaning, solution consumption; solution volatile, a serious waste.
    4. Health damage: chemical solution, prolonged exposure, occupational hazards.
    5. Staff hard to find: poor working environment, employees are reluctant to engage in the work.
    6. Security risks: chemical dissolution of volatile, fire and explosion and other security risks.
    7. Environmental compliance: chemical solution volatile and toxic, can not pass environmental requirements.
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