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All along, China has been known as the "world factory" and "manufacturing factory" in the world. A large number of factories, followed by a large number of equipment needs, especially the production and testing equipment, is essential to the equipment. Over the past 30 years, with the introduction and use of a large number of equipment, some domestic enterprises have started their own manufacturing equipment required by the industry, all walks of life have a very good development, but throughout the domestic equipment manufacturers, most still in foreign low Equipment imitation stage, most of the high-end equipment still need to enter from abroad In the era of customer automation and intelligence, efficiency, output more demanding than today, call the equipment manufacturing enterprises to invest the necessary human, material and financial resources to enhance their technical level, to develop more advanced equipment The Part of the business is indeed a lot of investment, but also bear a fruitful, but soon they found that their hard work by others plagiarism, similar to the emergence of a large number of equipment. Due to the lack of domestic intellectual property protection, many companies enjoy the technical achievements of other companies, as a technical rat, so that innovation is committed to the enterprise suffered a painful loss. Ridiculous is that some companies and even other companies technical specifications and promotional materials are based on the script, so acts, how to improve and trust? The
    An important issue in the process of technological development at home and abroad is intellectual property protection. From a long-term perspective, for any business, the level of fair competition is more important than technological innovation. Protection of intellectual property rights, enterprises will appreciate the sweetness of innovation, will increase investment, update their equipment and technology, so the formation of a virtuous circle, the whole society are so in order to form a competitive development and innovation of the good situation. For enterprises, the transformation and upgrading is a natural thing, for our entire international, from the "Made in China" into "China to create" just around the corner. On the contrary, it will fall into a vicious circle, so that business enthusiasm frustrated, can only consume a lot of human resources and natural resources, in the low-end industry chain wandering, for other countries to do the wedding dress.
    To develop, to technological innovation, we must first improve the intellectual property protection system, increase the implementation of law enforcement efforts to form a reward innovation and combat the trend of infringement, so that we really from developing countries to developed international change, a technology power.
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